Supply of Pipe Supports, Expansion Joints and other fasteners elements being the exclusive distributor of the industry’s leading manufacturers, allowing us to complete transparency in the relationship manufacturer - customer.

We have an experienced team of professionals from the materials aforementioned with very long experience in the Technical – Sales relationship with leading European engineering, supported by a computer system that ensures effective management and supply management.

Aware of the growing demand for quality assurance and control, we provide documentary evidences of our represented companies in accordance with ISO 9000, documents issued and approved by most important companies approved for certification according to the standard.

To SOELDU is extremely important, good supply and delivery times. Something that always keep the satisfaction of our customer.

In the years we have accomplished much of our objectives, but nevertheless, our desire to be better help us to give to our customer a full service to solve any problem into our professional fields.

We work regularly in the supply of elements for several projects for engineering and mechanical assembly companies for Europe and for other countries, in full satisfaction.

We are at your disposal for any query or information you need.