The wide-ranging experience of our technicians and operators along with the stringent quality control at each stage of the work process contributes to the high standing that equipment supplied by Proyser has among our customers.


These are some of the basic products that we offer as well as materials used
and maximum dimensions for in-shop manufacture.



- Distillation columns
- Reactors
- Heat exchangers
- Pressure and atmospheric vessels
- Silos
- Storage tanks
- Cryogenic tanks
- Filtration equipment
- Manufacture of boiler equipment in general
- In-plant assembly of equipment manufactured in-shop



- Stainless steels (ferritic, austenitic, heat resisting, duplex)
- High nickel content alloys
- Clad steel
- Low alloy steel
- Carbon steel
- Non-ferrous alloys: INCONEL, INCOLOY, HASTELLOY, MONEL, etc…



- Oil refining
- Water treatment
- Petrochemical industry
- Chemical industry
- Cryogenic industry
- Paper industry
- Pharmaceutical industry
- Food industry
- Etc…